Sam Betty returns to Sixways for CG5 Fight Night

We have some key names who’ll be fighting on this card including plenty of local fighters.
Most noticeably Sam Betty who’ll be returning to Sixways. Sam Betty is a long standing servant of Worcester Warriors having joined back in 2011 after a fantastic season with the Cornish Pirates and has over 100 appearances for the premiership side. With a handful of players player of the season awards, helping the squad achieve promotion to the championship on two occasions Sam has always alongside it all supported local charities. This is exemplified in his support of CG5 fight night, making his debut in the ring

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USN Partnership Announcement

CG5 are very excited to announce a strategic partnership for 2017 with sports nutrition provider USN.

Not only will this benefit our CG5 athletes directly, but anyone who uses the products and buys them using our code will get 40% off USN products and in addition this will create a revenue stream that will go directly back into making grants for future awardees. Read more

Grace Chaundy

CG5 trustee Dan Richards had a quick catch up with Grace Chaundy;

What about your sport do you like the most?

It has given me the opportunity to play cricket at a high competitive level, meeting new people and making friends that are kept forever.

When and what first got you interested in the sport?

My Dad played cricket when he was younger and then my brother started to play. After going to watch him, I thought I would like to have a go and have been playing ever since Read more

Sarah Kilmister

CG5 founder and trustee spoke with Sarah, one of last years awardee who was awarded a Rugby Grant towards Kit as she was starting at Hartpury College

Hi Sarah! Great to catch up with you – How’s everything going?

Ermmmm, well, not great to be honest!!! I’m injured! I’m currently facing no (Rugby/running) training for up to 6 weeks, due to suspected stress fractures in both ankles!

Originally they thought it was Shin Splints, so they backed me off of training just before Christmas, I had 2 weeks of physio and rehab, which included Massage and Acupuncture, and some downtime over Christmas/NY, but nothing much changed and after Christmas, I was back to physio, then referred to the GP for X-rays 🙁 Read more

Abi Watkins

Steve Edwards had a great catch up with Fencing Awardee Abi Watkins.

What about your sport do you like the most?

Acquiring new skills and developing tactics, becoming fitter in order to use my skill. Working out my opponent’s tactics and their skill level. New fencers are difficult because they are un-predictable.

When and what first got you interested in the sport? 

My father had been a keen club fencer and first took me to Malvern Hills Swords in the summer of 2012 and on my first visit the Canadian Olympic Pentathlon team dropped in. That was that. I started doing Foil but its Epee for me, I wasted a year with foil but it shows it pays to try every aspect of your sport. Read more

Jonny Jones

Craig Gillies earlier this week caught up with Sprint canoeist Jonny, to give us an update on how the grant has helped and what he’s been up to over the past few months.

Hi Jonny, can you just give us a bit of background – how did you get into Sprint Canoeing?

It was basically back in 2004. I was looking for something to do after school and where I grew up in Fladbury – there’s either a tennis club or the paddle club and, for me, the paddle club was the natural choice! I have always been a competitive person, even from a young age and I just loved being out there and racing against people! Also because Fladbury is such a small place, the coach to athlete ratio is quite high, so it means you get a lot of quality support and coaching. The coaches and everybody at the club were very encouraging and supportive, I felt right at home. Also, if I may say so, ‘watermanship’ seemed to come relatively naturally to me as I quickly grasped that paddling on the right would turn the boat to the left. Read more

Jack Dirkin

Jack Dirkin – Jnr Golfer aged 7

In June 2016 Jack was awarded a grant to help Jack travel and compete in America for World cup of Golf and to also contribute to some equipment. We recently had a quick catch up with Jack to see how he’s getting on;

What about your sport do you like the most? 

Whacking the ball and playing and practicing with friends

When and what first got you interested in the sport? 

My dad, shortly just after I started to walk, I liked hitting balls

Can you give us a list of your top accomplishments, records you may have broken and your personal highlights so far or your proudest moments?

Came 9th out of 60 in the European Boys 7 year group aged 6 in 2016 in Scotland. I won the British Boys 7 year group at Woodhall Spa and I’m the current British Champion. I played in the World junior golf finals in the USA in August 2016 and finished 40th out of 120 in the boys 7 yr group. Read more

Scott Adey Linforths’ 1on1 with Kal Yafai

CG5 would like to thank Kal Yafai who on 10th December became the first Britain ever to win a World title at Superflyweight, when he won the WBA Title, and also special thanks for donating a 1 on 1 training session for the silent auction at our fight event back in 2016.

The lucky winner was Scott Adey Linforth who got a real surprise today when he arrived for the session with our trustee Steve Edwards. Read more

Sian Bobrowska update

Sian started judo at the age of 7, at Worcester Judo Club and very soon after starting she wanted to compete. She has gone on to win many major tournaments and represented her country twice in as many years.

Her biggest achievements include;

  • British schools champion 2014
  • silver medalist at the British nationals 2014
  • Welsh open champion 2012/2013/2014/2015
  • school games bronze 2015 and silver 2016
  • midland area champion 2015
  • 5th place at flanders international Holland 2015

…along with many other medals and trophies approx 85 at the last count.

Sian also started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Trojan Free Fighters / Checkmat Worcester about 2 and half years ago to help her ground game , she has also excelled at this sport which she also loves to compete in , and has become British and European champion.

Photo credit: Dan Minto Photography

Update from William Kitching

Ahead of starting his 3rd year at Worcester University, we’re pleased to update you that Will reached the quarter finals of the National University Championships held in Sheffield and was awarded the Male Athlete of the Year 2016 at the University of Worcester Sports Awards. A great end to his second year at Worcester University!

His summer training has been going well and last weekend William entered his first tournament of the year in Hertfordshire, reaching the quarter finals of the singles in a Grade 2 senior tournament.

This year is going to busy for him academically, and I am also in process of starting my Badminton Level 2 Coaching qualification.

Earlier this year William became the Welsh National single Champion!

Great stuff from William and congratulations on all your success from everyone here at CG5