Jack Dirkin

Jack Dirkin – Jnr Golfer aged 7

In June 2016 Jack was awarded a grant to help Jack travel and compete in America for World cup of Golf and to also contribute to some equipment. We recently had a quick catch up with Jack to see how he’s getting on;

What about your sport do you like the most? 

Whacking the ball and playing and practicing with friends

When and what first got you interested in the sport? 

My dad, shortly just after I started to walk, I liked hitting balls

Can you give us a list of your top accomplishments, records you may have broken and your personal highlights so far or your proudest moments?

Came 9th out of 60 in the European Boys 7 year group aged 6 in 2016 in Scotland. I won the British Boys 7 year group at Woodhall Spa and I’m the current British Champion. I played in the World junior golf finals in the USA in August 2016 and finished 40th out of 120 in the boys 7 yr group.

I visited the USA to do some golf filming and demonstrate my skills for a technical learning resource for golf coaches and teachers as well as attended the World PGA Golf show in Orlando to do golf demonstrations at the event in front of an audience .

Find out about their future aspirations, short term and long term — particular tournaments, events, maybe even the Olympics, turning pro?

Just playing and having fun at the moment, trying to learn how to focus and concentrate and develop my golf routine when playing shots nd this helps me win competitions

What did the grant help you with and what difference has it made? 

It helped me develop my course management and play against a tour pro weekly to develop competition behaviour and technique on the course during match like coaching sessions.

If you are still in education is it difficult to balance sports with school work? (What does a typical day look like, how much time is spent training and practicing) 

School is 8.30am to 4.45pm every day. Im lucky as my school does PE and games 4  times a week so I can play lots of different sports. I only practice twice a week with golf (2 1/2 hrs in total) as I’m only 7 and I don’t want it to become boring.

What words of advice or encouragement do you have to share with other young athletes? 

Practice your skills properly, always try your best, put in plenty of effort, have fun, the results will come.